Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Trapped" by Jack Kilborn (@jakonrath)

I saved the scariest (and the goriest--fair warning, everyone) for last.  I figured in the week leading up to Halloween, we've got to go for the gusto, right?

And holy cow, Jack Kilborn (J.A. Konrath) does.  If you like going camping, I'm going to tell you this right now:  do not read this book if you want to be able to sleep out in the wilderness ever again.

So, for you thriller readers, I would say that this goes beyond thrills, beyond horror and into a new category all it's own.  Let's call it screaming night terrors.  Okay, I need something punchier, but you get the idea.  This novel is one of the few that I wanted to finish reading quickly in order to NO LONGER LIVE IN FEAR.  Finishing it is a little bit like the relief after having a dislocated shoulder snapped back in place.

Don't get me wrong.  It is a thrill ride and a half.  Just don't expect to be coddled at any point.

Now, for the rest of you who are probably thinking, "Okay, there is no chance whatsoever that I will read this book," let me tell you a trio of things.  One, it's Halloween.  If you're ever going to take a chance on horror, now is the time to do it.  Two, the gore here is very well done.  Sort of a gosh-I'm-embarrassed-I-liked-that-so-much kind of thing.  Like Pulp Fiction.  And third and lastly, this novel is $2.99 on Smashwords.  Yes, you read that right.  Three bucks.  So take the plunge.  Even if you don't like the water, you're not out much.

Now please excuse me while I go burn all my camping gear.

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