Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Hell's Corner" by David Baldacci (@DavidBaldacci)

There are certain authors that when their names come up, thriller lovers sit up and take notice.  Baldacci has definitely become one of those names.  Hell's Corner delivers on all the unstated promises of suspense, intrigue and... of course... thrills that have been a hallmark of Baldacci's writing from the get-go.

For the thriller readers, this is one of those no-brainers.  Of course you should read it.  Oliver Stone and his Camel Club are wonderful characters to revisit and this novel takes them to some new and interesting places.  It's a real rip-snorter of a book that will zip you along to its conclusion.  The premise is a stretch, and there are some characterizations that seem decidedly un-Baldacci-ish, but he remains a masterful story-spinner.  You may not fall in love with this novel as much as some of his others, but you'll see that it earns the money you put down for it.

The rest of you out there (you know who you are), may not find this a good place to enter into the Baldacci ocean if you haven't already tested those waters already.  Work your way up to this novel by reading other Camel Club novels first.  The genesis of the series is called, appropriately enough, The Camel Club.  In my estimation, though, Stone Cold is the best of the bunch.  They're fun, they're well-plotted and the characters aren't all dark-haired and chisel-featured supermen.  The Camel Club is made up of the aging and the infirm, with a lot of interesting little quirks that keep them lively and engaging. 

So, if you're a thriller lover, this one needs to be on your to-read list if you haven't gobbled it up already.  If you're not, ease yourself into the series by reading Stone Cold first.  Hell's Corner is available here.


  1. I agree comp[letely with your review. While a very entertaining thriller it seemed forced at times. Oliver Stone came off more like Shaw from Baldacci's other series, especially pairing up with the British agent. If you hadn't read the first books of the series you may be lost. Not the best Camel Club but a fun ride.

  2. Have to say having just discovered your review - via Twitter - I'm looking forward to visiting often. A couple of the posts I read are for books I have not yet read but that are written by authors of whom I am a fan. I'll push them to the top of the list.
    Look forward to more