Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Atlantis" by Robert Doherty @Area51_Book (aka Bob Mayer)

Yes, it's science fiction.  Yes, it's also a military-type thriller.  Yes, it's terribly edited.  Yes, it's a lot of fun.  Yes, it's dirt cheap.

And yes, it's totally worth the read, even with all the typo gaffes.

This is NY Times Bestselling author Bob Mayer writing as Robert Doherty, with a series of what appear to be self-published novels.  He, like many others, is realizing that the whole self-publishing thing allows him to keep a lot of control over his work.  The only thing lacking here is a good line editor.  Seriously, dude.

But beyond that, this is one heck of a ride.  Will it appeal to non-thriller or science fiction readers?  Possibly not.  But at a mere $.99 for the Kindle version (and if you don't have a Kindle, don't let that scare you--there's an app for that, even for PC users), you can afford to experiment outside of your comfort zone.  So, put down the copy of Sense and Sensibility for a second and give this one a try.

Now, if you happen to love thrillers and/or science fiction, like myself, you simply HAVE to get this sucker.  There's more than one, they're rip-snorting fun, and as I said before... they're CHEAP!!!  Total thriller trifecta of goodness here.  So, what're you waiting for?  If you can get past the typos, there's pure gold here.  Get mining.

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