Sunday, September 4, 2011

Is This Labor Day or Christmas? by @mrneil98

I look at my calendar and check my PDA just to be certain. No, this is the beginning of September not the end of December. This is not an aberration, it must be the Indie Book Blowout! I had recently seen the posts on Twitter but was reticent  about inquiring until I realized I needed new reading material. I have difficulty reaching out to new authors and leaving my comfort zone.

Out of curiosity or desperation, I click on the link and peruse the titles offered. I select Pandora’s Grave by Stephen England and The Schliemann Legacy by D. A. Graystone. Hundreds of pages of thrills and entertainment for a total of $2.12. What the heck? I just paid $11 to be marginally entertained by Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark for less than two hours but these two book will engage me for about ten hours each! 

There is no better way to end the summer than a visit to the Indie Book Blowout. As a potential author, I recognize the time and effort necessary to produce a novel. To make it available for $.99 is a way of telling the reader that their effort is more about the product than the profit.  Although if you like this one for $.99.…….

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  1. I've learned not to do both. If I've read the book, I skip the movie. If I know I'll never make time for the book everyone has raved about, I'll see the movie so at least I know the story. Works for me.