Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Review of Encrypted by Carolyn McCray

What would you do if the black plague suddenly appeared again, in your own backyard? What if it was put there by a “Higher” order who thought to cleanse the earth and remake it in their image? What if the only hope of survival for the ENTIRE planet lay in the hands of a Hacker, her quirky, flirty, fashion obssessed assistant and the FBI agent, said Hacker, should NOT be having a secret affair with?

These are just a few of the questions posed by Carolyn McCray’s new novel, “Encrypted”. The black plague once wiped out half the world, and someone has made plans to repeat the scenario, only this time with a weaponized strain that is deliberately placed so that it spreads . . .fast. The Robin Hood Hacker is the only one with enough brains, talent and OCD to crack the code IF she can get to all the pieces on time. With the “Hidden Hand” the organization who set these events in motion, dogging her every step, it’s hard enough for a girl to find the clues, not to mention have a split second to make out with the FBI agent she’s been lusting after for months.

"Encrypted" is fast paced. Make that Formula One fast paced. Don’t expect to be able to put it down. Filled with gadgets and gizmos that would make any techie weep with rapture, fire fights, chase scenes, close calls, deadly turns and laugh out loud humour, Encrypted kept me glued to my Kindle until it was finished.

I will say, that as a reader of not only thrillers, but romance too, I was hoping *fingers were crossed* for perhaps even just a little more lip action between the leads. But, since there is a sequel, Cipher (which comes out winter of 2012) I look forward to finding out how this completely star crossed couple manage their love life in the middle of the next crisis. Which I can only imagine will again have readers ducking and diving as if they too were in the middle of the chaos the characters will find themselves in.
If you love a fast, gadget riddled, great read, then Encrypted should satisfy those needs. You can find "Encrypted" on Amazon and it is currently only .99 for its launch.


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