Monday, April 16, 2012

'The Devil's Highway' by R. Scott Douglas

Two friends searching for an ancient gold mine team up with a young drifter and a beautiful Bureau of Land Management agent to face the challenges of this mysterious and deadly place. Drug runners, illegal aliens, civilian militia, severe weather and white supremacist bikers all pose as obstacles on their treasure hunt.

And just to make things interesting, they also have to contend with the legendary Chupacabra, the blood sucking beast of the desert. 

If you enjoy the thrill of surprise, The Devil's Highway might just be the book for you. One thing I have to say about this novel is: it was full of surprises. When I picked it up, I half expected another buddy-buddy road trip adventure-slash-treasure hunt to unfold. I was woefully mistaken. The one thing it isn't is another buddy road trip adventure. It's something else entirely.

Other than being a thriller, The Devil's Highway defies sub genre classification. What can I say about it? The story just contains so much of nearly everything. I'll try not to give away too many details, but this story had it all. From urban explorers to the white supremacist biker gang, a Chupacabra, illegal immigrants, unexpected heroes, unexpected villains, militia, federales, techno-gadgetry, drug running, white slavery, gold mining, robots... there was even a British guy. Something new was always just around the next page.

This is the kind of novel that would be enjoyed by a reader who loves to keep track of intricate plot twisting and a variety of characters with a multitude of motives. There were many characters, each of them rich with their own histories. There were fascinating injections of culture and technology. The pace was fast, sometimes racing along at break-neck speed.

The Devil's Highway is a book that will appeal to readers who enjoy action thrillers and are not put off by violence and difficult themes. For me personally, the violence and subject matter wore me down at points. I was grateful the author handled those parts professionally and avoided graphic detail. However, I think for many readers this would be a four or five star book. In all honesty, my own rating would be between a three and a four. Of course with rounding, it gets four on most book review rating systems.

The Devil's Highway e-book is currently available On Amazon for $3.99. It's well priced I think. The book is long and there is a lot of story in it for the reader's money. 

Review by E. Bard
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