Sunday, June 27, 2010

From Sookie to Senior Sleuth

Today I am going to be reviewing 2 distinctly different authors.  One name you will recognize, the other you might not, but that doesn't mean you should read him!

Charlaine Harris, infamous for her Sookie Stackhouse paranormal romances (the source for True Blood) and Bob Moat, an amateur sleuth writer extraordinaire!

Let's get to the vampires first (because, you know that's how we roll :-) 

Again, I am not writing this review for someone who likes paranormal romance or vampires in general.  Because, let's face it, you are already reading Charlaine.

I am writing this for, well... mainly guys.  Guys who shake their head at the vampire/romance genre.  And I don't blame you.  There is a LOT of silly stuff that goes on in a lot of them and even in Charlaine's work.

However, with Charlaine, I do have to say no matter some of the silliness, there is such good writing under there that whatever she puts out, I want to read.  Because isn't that the crucible?  Not genre, or subject or silliness, but whether or not it is a good read?

And let me tell you, any of the books are a good read.

Plus for you single guys, I am telling you, it gives you something to talk about with the chick in Starbucks watching True Blood on her iPhone :-)

Onward to Bob Moat.

To be honest when this one came across my desk, I groaned.  As I mentioned on the stream, I'm not a huge fan of amateur sleuthing, especially in the senior citizen bracket.

I like my investigators hot and knowledgeable.   Top of their field.  I am far more of a 'procedural' girl (evidenced clearly by Plain Jane).

So I can honestly say I was not just pleasantly surprised by Bob's "Classmate Murders" but downright shocked at how engaging and entertaining a read this book was.

He threw my pre-conceived notions about what a senior citizen sleuth could be out the window and made me sit up and pay attention.  I was immediately drawn in my his beautifully honest lead character, Jim Richards, who is putting up one heck of fight against aging, while of course solving crimes that hit a little too close to home.

From Richard's deep relationship with his old co-worker (without a hint of any weird, latent, homo-eroticism) to his complicated feeling for his own aging parents, I can say that Jim Richards is as interesting as any hunky C.S.I. professional.

Would I like to have seen smoother dialogue and Bob to trust his reader enough to not lay in so much description?  Yes.

Do I want to read more of Jim Richards adventures?  Heck Ya!

Again, if you love amateur sleuths, you've got to check out "Classmate Murders."  But honestly, even if you are like me and a little iffy on the sub-genre, I am telling you that this book packs a big bang for it's buck! (and yes, Bob, that pun was intended :-)

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Until next time!

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