Thursday, June 17, 2010

Review Policy

With all the reviewers out there, who needs another one?

Um... because we will tell you what you actually need to know.

Enough with the stupid spoilers or a reviewer trying to prove they can write a better review than the author could their book.

We are here to give it to you straight.  So, let's be clear you are going to see a lot of...

"If you like James Rollins work... just go out and buy this book #jeez
 However if you aren't familiar with Rollins or not a huge fan (which seems completely bizarre but I guess could happen) these are the reasons you should read this book."

Each posting will have a review of a bestseller along with a less known author to give you something to read once you've devoured all your favorite author's books :-)

And yes, we do get the vast majority of the books we review for free #dealwithit

You will also notice that there will never be a review of less than 3 stars.


Well, um, we kind of would like to have a life and we're not going to waste our precious time reading a book that can't even scrounge 3 stars.

We mean, we love thrillers and all, but #dang

If you are an author that wishes a review and isn't offended by this review policy, feel free to email us at thrillersrockT (at) aol (dot) com. :-)

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