Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Law of Attaction" by Allison Leotta (@AllisonLeotta)

This is not your typical thriller.  While it does have some truly gripping sequences that are quite suspenseful, it's the overall feel of the novel that's building tension.  You know that something's up.  You know it's coming.  You're just not sure exactly what.

This is Allison Leotta's debut novel, and at moments it shows.  The novel became immensely more compelling about halfway through.  But I gotta say, it was worth getting there.  Once it took off, I had a tough time putting it down.  You thriller lovers are perhaps not going to find as much adrenaline here as you're used to, but you will find some nice twists and turns and a building sense of "what's coming next" that'll keep you engaged.

Those that can take or leave the thriller genre will find quite a bit more here.  There are well-drawn and charismatic characters, including a convincingly green but well-meaning and good-hearted heroine.  Some very steamy sex...steamy enough to get me to loosen my collar (and make some other not-to-be-named romance authors step up their game).  Finally, a secondary family plot line that will tug at your heartstrings.

In short, Allison Leotta is an up-and-coming author to watch very closely.  I'm glad I read Law of Attraction and look forward to her next!

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