Sunday, January 9, 2011

"Heartsick" by Chelsea Cain (@ChelseaCain)

Yeah, I'm going into the past for this one, but I felt like it was worth the flashback.  First thing to say...if you're squeamish, this may be a tough read for you.  With that said, read it anyway.  Seriously.

"Why on earth would I do that?" you ask?  Because this one's worth it.

You hardcore crime thriller fans should eat this one up.  This is one of those no-brainers.  Yes, the similarities between this book and Harris' Silence of the Lambs (actually, it's closer to Red Dragon) have been discussed ad nauseum.  No, this is not just a gender-reversing rehash.  This is a grab-you-by-the-seat-of-your-britches thrill ride.  I'm not saying that it's some perfect creation.  There are three story-lines that can get a bit cumbersome at moments, but wow is this book worth the time to read it.  Especially since it represents Cain's first foray into this genre.

The rest of you are already blanching at the thought of a drop or two of blood, aren't you?  Well, I won't lie, there's more than that.  But Cain creates such amazingly compelling characters with such stunningly complex interactions that after a few chapters, you may still be squirming from the torture sequences, but you won't be able to put the sucker down.  You're caught up in their lives, and they'll stay with you after the novel ends.  Plus, the setting is so vividly described that it feels like another presence constantly in the background, creating the world where these things should never happen but do.

So, yes, a whole-hearted recommendation for Heartsick.  Plus, it's a series, so I'm sure we'll take a jaunt into Sweetheart and Evil at Heart before the release of The Night Season in March.  Get Heartsick here.  Just leave the lights on while you're reading it.

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