Sunday, January 30, 2011

"The Rembrandt Affair" by Daniel Silva (@danielsilvabook)

Once again, I get to talk to you about an amazing thriller writer that already has a ton of books out there for you to read.  Yes, many of you thriller readers already know Daniel Silva, but for those of you who don't?  Booyah!  New author, new series, new kick-butt hero to follow!

For those of you for whom thrillers just don't cause your literary engine to turn over, here's something to entice you.  A central character who is a spy (wait for it), assassin (not yet), and art-restorer (there it is!).  How amazingly intriguing is that?  Yes, he's a real man.  Yes, he can kill you with his bare hands in twenty-five different ways.  Yes, he can bring back to full vibrancy that lovely painting by Monet.  A touch of class runs through this protagonist, elevating the entire series.  There's a thoughtful, art-loving side to Silva's work that is so beautifully typified in his choice of lead character.

Now, if thrillers don't just turn your crank but spin it right round, baby, then Silva's a serious where-the-crap-have-you-been writer.  This novel's got it all.  Twists.  Turns.  Tight scrapes and tighter muscles.  There's more than enough here for even the jones-ing-est of adrenaline junkies.  What's great is that Silva puts those thrills in the context of a truly tight and compelling storyline again and again and again.  This novels the latest in a series that's got like six or seven books already, all superb.

So rather than waste time with more jibber-jabber, why not just go and order the sucker now!  Right here.  Oh, and have fun.  It's quite the ride...

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