Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Live to Tell" by @LisaGardnerBks

Ah, thriller readers!  Another set of kick-butt thriller writer's books to plunge into.  If you haven't experienced Lisa Gardner yet, it is way past time, my friends.  Way, way, WAY past time.  I'm reviewing a book here that's been out for a while (paperback came out in December), and is the fourth in the Detective D.D. Warren novels.  I figure it's a good time to introduce you to the series, since the fifth in the series, Love You More, is due out March 8th.  Isn't it so much fun to find a series that's already got lots of books out, so you don't have to wait anxiously for the writer to work through their troublesome block just so you can get your next fix?

This one is not for the weak-stomached.  Not so much for graphic descriptions of violence, but for the gut-wrenching situations involving disturbed kids.  That's always a difficult one for me.  But Gardner handles it with panache, not backing away from it at all, but finding the humanity that allows us to make it through.  There's twists, red herrings, thrills and chills along the way, enough to keep you churning through pages when what you really want to do IS GET A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP FOR ONCE!!  Fair warning, guys.  Plan on this book taking over your life for a bit.

For you couldn't-give-a-rat's-behind-about-thillers types, I submit Live to Tell as a good way to get involved.  D.D. Warren's a wonderful female protagonist who avoids going into too much detail about her personal life, mostly because she sort of doesn't have one.  She is the job, as they say.  The harrowing details of good parents dealing with psychologically disturbed children takes the storyline to another level as well.  There is plenty here to give some meat to the admitted andrenaline rushes that this novel dishes out.

Want to take the dive?  You can find Live to Tell here.

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