Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Book of Souls" by Glenn Cooper

A little bit of mysticism.  A lot of history.  A ton of twist and turns.  Enough tension to strangle an elephant.  Yeah.  This was a good read.

Cooper plows in to his sophomore novel with a basic premise:  second novels don't have to suck.  And wow, did he find a receptive audience in me.  His first novel, Secret of the Seventh Son or Library of the Dead was a humdinger.  He lives up to that novel's potential with the sequel, Book of Souls

For those of you who love Rollins (and come on... how could you not?) or Berry or Brown, this novel should fit comfortably... but excitingly... into that groove.  You get the puzzles, you get the reinterpretation of history and historical figures (Shakespeare and Nostradamus, anyone?).  You get the flight and fight to save the world.  Good stuff.

If you're still on the fence about the thriller genre, this is the kind of novel that could change your mind.  Getting started with a thriller that incorporates history and puzzles in addition to the adrenaline-packed punches that are the mainstay of the genre can really ease you into the fun and adventure that can be found here.  So, I guess what I'm saying is... give this one a shot!

Book of Souls can be found right here.

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