Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Wrecker" by Dave Conifer, Guest Review from @egtalbot

Guest review from Edward G. Talbot (@egtalbot).

Let's get one thing very clear from the beginning. The title character, Wrecker? You don't want him anywhere near you. Oh at first he comes off as the strong silent type, a little more sensitive than average. But he's damaged goods in more ways than one.

Wrecker isn't an action thriller, it's a psychological one. More Harlan Coban than James Rollins. A fairly normal middle class family thinks they've got a great thing going when they find a handyman to work on the cheap. The family has its own difficulties, and getting the painting done without incident might as well be a gift from above. Soon, they wish they had made a different choice.

It's hard to go into more details without giving it away. Wrecker has a reason for everything he does, and we discover that Steve, the husband in the family, may have a secret of his own. The book builds towards the expected climax, but still has a couple of serious twists near the end, twists that you just knew had to be coming but couldn't figure out before they happened.

The best thing about the book IMO is how the writing just flows. The phrase "page turner" could have been coined for this one. It's a thriller, but it has some strong elements of a drama as well. Think of the movie Fatal Attraction, and you'll have a good sense of it. If you like thrillers, you'll like it. If you like dramas, it's a great book for testing the waters.

It's no coincidence that Wrecker has been tearing up the Amazon ebook charts most of the year. It is currently available in both paper and ebook formats, and at 99 cents, the ebook is a steal. You will not be disappointed.

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