Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Fiction Engine Network

Hello Thriller fans and book lovers in general. Shannon Mayer of TRT has graciously offered this guest spot for me to tell you about a new book blog called New Fiction Engine, and most importantly about a new Network of book reviewers we’re building and hoping some of you might like to join.

First, the idea behind New Fiction Engine is simple and written at the very top of our home page: “We Find Great Fiction from Under Six Bucks to Free.”

Books need readers like stuffed animals need kids to love them. The absolute best way to help match a book to a reader who will love it is Word-of-Mouth from other readers who love it already.

We do feature posts on one book a day, something we’ve vetted and know is really good, and we tell people about it. We do other fun stuff too, but that’s the heart of it.

Many under 6 dollar books are Indie books. We love Indie books, but as you know many of those are unknown quantities. No way we can read them all. What we need then, is vetted content. Indie or Traditional, we just need to know when there’s a really good book out there. Obviously no one knows and loves books more than book bloggers, and there are really no opinions we’d rather cite.

With that in mind, then, we came up with a pretty cool idea we think is a win/win for everybody.

It’s the NFE Network - Reviews We Trust With Our Very Lives.

The idea is simple:

Our goal is to create a Network of book blogs with trusted reviews we can link to, sending new traffic their way in exchange for giving our readers a heads-up on great books. When you find and review a good book under six bucks, we’ll send readers to you so you can tell them all about it.

The relationship is very simple and you wouldn’t have to do much of anything besides read and blog as usual. When we see a 4 Star or better review of an under 6 dollar book on a Network blog, we just want to link to it. We’ll post the book cover, your logo (if applicable) a teaser of your review's opening lines, and LINK it directly to your blog.  

All of your content will be fully credited to you (in fact we’re very proud to have you and

will make a big deal out of it) and only a snippet of the review will be posted here as a teaser. We will link you and only you in that post.

Then we’ll tweet and promote as hard as we can (we are small because we literally started last week - but so far people really like the site and we are growing fast!) Our readers continue getting a great service, and the result should be extra readers for you.

We also would like to make the relationship official, make some noise about it, and get people curious.

Join us and we’ll announce the relationship, proudly display your logo in our side bar as part of our Network of Reviews We Trust With Our Very lives, and whenever you review an Under Six Buck book for your blog with a recommendation of 4 Stars or more, we’ll do our best to send people your way.

Thrillers Rock Twitter was the first to join, an their logo looks terrific on our site. But they look lonely at the moment and we’d love to see a few more there!

Thanks for this opportunity Shannon, thanks TRT, and thanks everybody,

Stephen T. Harper

Check us out and see at www.newfictionengine.blogspot.com

Or contact us directly at newfictionengine@gmail.com

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